Our Team

Welcome to Love Examined! We are a team of dedicated professionals who have made it our mission to review the best dating sites and apps out there. Our goal is simple: To help you find love in all its forms, whether that’s through an online platform or meeting someone face-to-face.

We understand how important finding the right partner can be for your happiness and success, so we strive to provide comprehensive reviews of different platforms with detailed information about their features, pricing plans, user base size and more. We also take into account customer feedback when writing our reviews so that you know exactly what other users think before making any decisions on which site or app is right for you.

Our team consists of experts from various backgrounds including technology specialists who keep up with the latest trends in digital dating as well as psychologists who specialize in relationships advice – all working together towards one common goal: helping people find true love! With years of experience under our belt we guarantee unbiased opinions based on facts rather than personal preference; ensuring each review offers accurate insights into every aspect related to these services without biasness towards any particular provider. So if you’re looking for honest guidance regarding which service might work best for your needs then look no further – Love Examined has got it covered!